Push as a native extension


With Defold release 1.2.160 we are moving the core module push.* into a native extension library.

If you previously were using push.*, you will need to add the following URL to your Dependencies field in game.project:



Only a stub implementation is left in engine core. It will throw a Lua error if any push function is used on mobile. The error will look like this:

push has been removed from core, please read /builtins/docs/push.md for more information


The API reference for push.* is now available here: https://defold.github.io/extension-push/

The Manual for configuring, testing and using push notifications on Android and iOS is still available here: https://www.defold.com/manuals/push/


Now that push.* is a native extension we encourage our community to contribute code to improve the functionality, or perhaps add push notification support on additional platforms.