Project very slow (1000ms and more) (windows)


Some times my defold project became very slow. Looks like the more time happened after pc turn on, the more slow became game.(mb numbers of start). It happened when build in editor and bundle, only in Windows. Only reboot helped.


Engine.service seems to be the culprit. @Mathias_Westerdahl, @Johan_Beck-Noren any idea?


Sometimes running project not closed by editor, when i build it again. And i need to close it by myself. Sometimes it is not responce, and i use force shutdown. Can this be problem?


Has it always been like this? Or is it something that recently started happening?


I can work for hours, without problems. But then game became more slower and slower.


And has this only been an issue with 1.2.137 or previous versions as well?


Only in new version


@britz I have no real idea. Though the engine service does use the http cache that got broken the last release, so perhaps it will fix itself in the next release (after fixing DEF-3530)


Released in 1.2.138. Do you still experience this after the update @d954mas?


I do not update yet. I will try this week, if repeated i will write here)


Not fixed. I leave a running game for night. And now i get 500ms for Engine.Service