Progress on my first game in Defold (VIDEO) :)


Hey everyone, just thought I’d post a link to a video of my first game in Defold. Still have a ton to learn and I’m using just placeholder graphics for now, but I’m excited by the fast progress. I’m about 5 days in to learning the engine so this is pretty rapid :slight_smile:

Probably have to use 1080P fullscreen to see as it’s played in portrait mode.
Also the video is captured via my actual Android phone so the performance seems pretty good
for mobile. Actually it runs about the same on my desktop as on my phone :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of work still to do. I need to have the player collect gold, have enemies attack the player, and have some kind of townsfolk to talk to, etc. Trying to tackle each gameplay mechanic in a linear fashion so I don’t get overwhelmed in complexity.

Best Regards all and looking forward to any feedback anyone has :slight_smile:



Looks cool! Keep going with the development and learning! :slight_smile:



Kalispera @Epitaph64 nice work, I will suggest if you want to keep notes about your game to use “notion” is very good so not to forget your ideas you may have, or to put a path in the work you want to do. Keep up the good work , if you want change the place from showcase at dev diaries so to write your progress on forum easier. Thanks

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Nice to see your game. How did you add the health bars to the enemies…as a separate object ? I would like to have that in my game.



No, they are just separate sprites position relative to the enemy sprite within the same object. The bar and progress meter are separate sprites and progress changes scale within the enemy logic when the enemy is damaged.

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