Programmer/Musician looking to collab

Hey, folks. Looking for mature and friendly people to work on games with. Really been digging defold so I thought I would post here.

I’ve been a software engineer for about 10 years now, currently working at Facebook (for better or worse). I’ve been working on electronic music for about as long. The last 5 years or so most of my music has been analog, but I’m getting back into digital stuff. You can check out some of my music here. Not all of it is game-y. Stream Ty music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

I don’t have any games to share. Other than maybe some 8 year old game jam duds lol. You can check out the small defold project I’m working on here. Dropbox - 2021-08-20 15-50-43.mkv - Simplify your life


What kinds of games are you interested in playing / making? It may help you find a good partner to develop with.

Good question! I probably should have included that in the original post.

At the moment I’m working on a 2d platformer that is heavily inspired by SSBM, Dustforce, Celeste, and an arcade game called Deathball. In terms of what kinds of games I’d like to make, it’s a pretty diverse world. My dream game is essentially a procedurally generated 3d exploration/survival game with biomes that blend in interesting ways. I’m also super interested in 2d/3d platformers, rhythm games, adventure games, horror stuff. Basically anything tbh. I’m only working on a platformer right now because it felt super approachable.


I also have a strong desire to make some cyberpunk story-based games. Simple visual narrative stuff driven by music and stylized settings. If only I had any visual art skills whatsoever…


Hello @tytrdev,

Hoping you are doing alright, I have some questions:

  1. What kind of art are you looking for? pixel art? 8-bit style? 16-bit style? drawn art? 3d art? other digital art?
  2. Are you programming the 2d platformer? or are you doing the music?


Sorry for the delayed response! I had a bunch going on the last couple of weeks. Got a little burnt out after a week long game jam. Made this, though, and I’m pretty happy with it: Grave Defender by GetCreative, Ty, Rowgue

To answer your questions:

  1. I’m down with any style of art. I think self expression is super important, and I would always want the artist to work in whatever style makes the happy and excited about the project.

  2. My goal is to do programming/music for every project I work on.

Thanks for the reminder!