Programmer is looking for work, 4+ years xp


My name is Viktor Smirnov.
I’m a Moscow (Russia) -based front-end developer with 4+ years of experience.

I have a university degree in “Сomputer science and engineering”, obtained in one of the best Russian technical universities.
I have a proficiency in C++, C#, Lua, etc. and solid understanding of working with Cocos2D-X v2, Unity3D, Defold, etc. engines. Recently started to work with Unreal Engine too.

I’m trying to take part in different gamesjams, such as Ludum Dare:

Previous main works:

  • Shadow Fight 2 (iOS, Android) Nekki, Cocos2D-X v2
  • Message Quest (PC, Steam) Royal Troupe, Unity3D
  • Heliborne (PC, Steam) JetCat Games, Unity3D
  • SMASH BASH: Date with the Desert (in development) Rising Wave, Defold
    For more information about my experience, please see my linkedin page:

I’m quite a passionate hardcore gamer (steam, psn) with a strong interest in game development and up-to-date game market. I believe that the future is behind sharp and honest games. Because games matter!
If possible, I like to deeply dig into the subject and study it in detail on practice, learn something new. But this does not make sense without a clear goal. That’s why I’m always focused on the result. I like solving problems.
I consider it a pleasure to work with enthusiastic people, sharing inspiration and motivation with them!


P.S. “SMASH BASH: Date with the Desert” project is still under development and I’m in. But it’s not my primal work, just an off-the-job hobby.



Let me endorse Viktor here as I know him personally.



I know Victor too.
He is a good man, and a great specialist! :+1: