Problems with the dev log


Can’t edit or add new Devlog.


Hi @selimanac, seems to be a bug there, I’m investigating now. sorry for the inconvenience.


no problem, thank you. It’s not urgent by the way


The issues should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting it!


Thank you master :slight_smile:


Hi @samuel.nystedt ,

I guess there is a same problem. I can’t add a new devlog.


Hmm, let’s ping @samuel.nystedt, is this known to you?


Hey Selim! We can’t reproduce the issue here on our end, unfortunately. I created a Slack chat for you, me and Samuel—let’s talk there when you feel like it.

On another note, we’re about to push a larger update to the devlog/comments feature on Community pages.

This update will solve the problem that forum devlogs and community page devlogs live in two different worlds, so to speak—as well as fix the problem of not knowing when someone comments on your page or your devlog, by better utilising the forum notification system.

Furthermore—if you already have a devlog on the forum, you will be able to add that to your devlog instead of creating something from scratch.

We expect to ship this the week after next :ship:


I just try it, works for me too. Looks like community pages doesn’t like me at all :slight_smile:
This is good news :tada: community pages are getting better and better, thanks for that :slight_smile:


community pages are definitely hates me :sob:


I have same issue, can’t add comments!


What does the browser dev tools show for the HTTP request when posting a reply? Any clues in the response?


#14 Returns 403


This may be a longshot, but have you tried logging out and in again?


it works for me.