Problems with re-running build from Editor when other instance was running

When I run the game from the Editor (with Project->Build or Ctrl+B) and forget to close it, but run it again from the Editor, the running one closes and new window with game is starting, but the new window never works and always crashes, whenever I click on the window, so I must to close it and run again. This problem appears only, when there is other instance running and I build the same game. It’s so long, I used to this bug, but truth is, it is happening all the time and I (afaik) didn’t raise any issue for this. I work mainly on Linux (Ubuntu), but it is happening on Windows too.

Github Issue (if there is a duplicate, please mark/remove it):


Would you mind sharing the project with me so we could take a look?

Yes, I’ll DM you :slight_smile: It’s most probably my issue only, so no one else noticed something like this :frowning:

That’s strange, I tried with windows 7 / 10 and 11 machines when building without closing previous build, the window is killed and restarted automatically and works fine.