Problem with Playfab requests


So I have some weird problems with Playfab.
Looks similar to the previous problems before 1.2.161 .

Along all devices (including Desktop) we get a lot of these errors:
ERROR:SCRIPT: Unable to create HTTP connection to ''. No route to host? DEBUG:SCRIPT: { --[[0x10bcefed0]] error = "ServiceUnavailable", errorCode = 1123, code = 0, status = 0, errorMessage = "Could not deserialize reseponse from server: " }

Most of the time we actually can see that the http call went through but the response is not handled.

BUT also (and this could be nonrelated issue) on a certain device (Razor 1) we constantly get the following error:

ERROR:SCRIPT: HTTP request to '' failed (http result: -1 socket result: -3)

Feels really shaky and it’s hard to understand why as we can without problem use internet in any other app.



@jhonny.goransson looked into this recently. Jhonny, can you share your conclusions?

@andreas.strangequest Can you try http:// instead of https://



Yeah, the issues i investigated were twofold between ssl and DNS, but try using http and not https first. If that doesnt work we can look at it in more detail!



Been trying everything now. I just can confirm that it is just throwing errors randomly on very stable internet.
Unfortunately Playfab doesn’t accept http at all it seems (getting immediate error).

The logs I get in Defold looks just like this:

ERROR:DLIB: mbedtls_ssl_handshake returned -0x6800
ERROR:DLIB: SSL handshake timeout
ERROR:SCRIPT: HTTP request to ‘’ failed (http result: -1 socket result: -3)

I cannot find any way to reproduce it properly. It just happens sometimes (could be at first login to Playfab or later in any nonspecific request)



This is a lead at least. I’ll take a look.

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