Problem with displaying visual components on Ubuntu 20.04


I started working on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS and I can not open any game object or collection with visual components (GUI, atlases, tilemaps, etc) or those visual components separately. Only scripts, .project, .input_binding files are opening correctly.

I submitted issues:

When opening GUI component in Editor I have a different error message:

Defold version: 1.2.188 alpha
Editor SHA1: 6bfeea3b13d7b8920483ea2cba9c181a8650b84d
Engine SHA1: 6bfeea3b13d7b8920483ea2cba9c181a8650b84d

It’s not something of priority, as I can easily switch back to Windows, however it looks strange and definitely worth reporting :slight_smile:

Have you tried this?

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Thank you!


Solves the issue, however it needs to be done each time I open Defold and obviously can not be done while openning it from Steam (which I do for convenience and to log the time using Defold :smiley: )

I’m checking out launch options: Steam Support :: Setting Game Launch Options

However, a thought about it, because it’s not the first time the error message is giving no vital information - is it possible to improve the messages? Like in this case, if it occurs only on Linux based OS, could it point out the problem and link to the FAQ perhaps?

You can set the launch options in Steam to MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=2.1 %command% and it should work.


Yes, indeed, it is working :wink: