Pressing occurs higher than it should if, after opening the keyboard, open notification bar on the android



To Reproduce:

  1. Open the keyboard
  2. Immediately scroll from top to bottom and open the notification panel.

Once returned, pressing occurs higher than it should. If you open the keyboard and click on the screen or press enter, keyboard will close and this will stop

Version: 1.2.174
Platform: Android

Repro case available in GitHub
APK file:
Mobile (2.1 MB)

The players said that it started a long time ago and happen sometimes in another game that does not have text input.

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  • no window callbacks when it happens
  • no messages
  • If open keyboard and lock device, bug will appear
  • If add gui.reset_keyboard() to gui with each action.pressed, then there is no bug (this function remove offset)
  • offset is present in on_input() function of entire project, in all gui and go scripts
  • sometimes it appears without opening the keyboard. This happens when: notification appears, device is locked (not always, sometimes)

Project with gui.reset_keyboard() (no bug):
Mobile (181.3 KB)

Current solution: gui.reset_keyboard() with every click :grinning:



Thanks for reminding us about this issue! I’ve added it for investigation for 1.2.179.

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