Portal Billiards

Hi, Everyone!
Me(idea, game design, programming) and my brother Xbost(art and design, http://hue.moe/) developed a game named “Portal Billiards”, using Defold.

In this billiards game variant(set in the space sci-fi ambience), pockets are portals.
There are balls of two colors - the blue and the red ones.
Players should pocket balls into the portals with the respective color, the red into the red, the blue into the blue.
After every shot, the portals randomly change their positions in the pockets.
Gameplay video:

The project page on itch.io

I’m an experienced software engineer, but my main fields were industrial, system and desktop software development.

So making a game was a new experience for me(I tried Unity several years ago and passed a simple course on Coursera, but then stopped on that), and Defold turned out to be a great tool for implementing my idea.

Thanks to the Defold Team for your engine and the Community! Reading topics on this forum helped me a lot during development!


Congratulations on your game release! And thank you for sharing it here! I will make sure it is mentioned in an upcoming newsletter.

What kind of plans do you have for the game? Will you perhaps release it for HTML5 on GameDistribution, Yandex.Games or similar platform?


Yes, I’ve been thinking about HTML5 release, need to read more about platforms and integration with them.
Also thought about AppStore in future.
Regarding the game itself, hope to add some extra modes in future, but not sure for now, when it will be.


Published on Yandex.Games: https://yandex.ru/games/play/163948
Also sent an activation request on GameDistribution.


And approved on GameDistribution: https://gamedistribution.com/games/portal-billiards
P.S. Thanks @britzl for your tip on HTML5 game platforms! Maybe I’ll make some money for beer there :slight_smile:


Released version with ads on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.game.portalbilliards


Good job! I really liked the game.

I don’t know if you wanted this way but you can turn on the immersive mode (game.project - android) to hide these android menu

I just don’t know which is better. I’m using a swipe interface, so the menu is only three semi-transparent lines on my phone:

Do you think it would be better without a menu?

it doesnt hurt the game or the gameplay at all. I was just pointing it out because I released a game without the immersive mode and didn’t notice it (and it really broke the gameplay). I didnt own a properly device to test back then.

But keep it. Or change it when you have a big update :slight_smile:
good job releasing a game.

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Yeah, thanks, I’ll test it with the next update, but don’t know when it will be :grinning:
I want to add online play, but I’m doing it in a very lazy mode.

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Added online PvP mode(a bit hackish, I only send angle and strength and clients process physics) on the Yandex Games and Game Distribution platforms(and updated GUI).

And in the match menu, there’s a button linking to a Telegram game chat(cause I don’t have time and to be honest a desire to make in-game chat now :slightly_smiling_face:).