Please give a round of applause to our amazing translators!

If you are browsing the Defold manuals you have probably noticed the list of languages on the right-hand side of each page. We currently have some manuals (usually the Introduction page and a few more) translated into Greek, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish. For this we have @Pawel, @Elpidoforos_Gkikas and a few other to thank. Thank you guys!

And what is even more impressive is that we have ALL (yes indeed all!) manuals translated into Chinese thanks to our very own @COCO. COCO is keeping watch over the manuals and whenever there is a change to the English version COCO is there with a pull request with Chinese translations. Super impressive! Thank you so much COCO!

If you’d like to help out with translations or contribute improvements to the English manuals then head over to our documentation repository and read the “Information for translators”.


Related to this topic, here is an issue to vote on for externalizing the text of the editor so that the editor can be more easily translated

It still needs discussion, especially from people who have worked on larger open projects like this and know what makes it easiest for translators to help translate / keep translations up to date.


Id help but being American I cant speak English. Just redneck.

Seriously you guys are doing a wonderful job.


Time to add an italian version :slight_smile:


I’m glad I can do something for our Defold community.
I think I will continue and do more.
You guys are nice and professional.
I learned a lot.
Thank you very much.


I will say more videos are needed, the other engines have so many more videos. I will see if I can add a few more though I dont know if my defold skills are up to par.

One problem with many videos is info overload- 1 and 2 hour videos is alot to try and digest in an electronic medium. Small chunks with links to written documentation or discussion forums work very well. Especially when you are looking for an example of one small function but all the videos cover entire games or entire learn the whole system in 2 hours format. Im not just talking Defold but instructional videos in general. I have built two moodle sites for online schools and 1 college. With hundreds of courses- drop out rate was horrendous with anything longer than 30 minutes. Sometimes as much as 80%. But smaller chunks with rewards retained almost 80% of students.

But like I said my experience with defold is only about a month now. So what videos I could offer would be very very basic at this time. But maybe helpful.


I agree. And those long videos take time to create! I’d like to start recording short (2-3 minute) videos explaining various parts of the manual. One thing per video, with links to documentation.

I hope we can find the time to create such videos during Q1 or Q2.


Thank you so much! My wish is to complete Manuals this year :smiley: Will there be possibility do translate Tutorials and Examples as well?

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Not currently but it’s something we should look into!


I think I could make these super short videos on:

  1. setting background
  2. making a button
  3. adding music and sound
  4. screen transition
  5. determining which collection runs at runtime
  6. setting display size at run
  7. making a basic menu
  8. importing assets
  9. making and using atlas and sprites

Like I said super basic things.

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That’s great! We’d be happy to promote any community created learning material, be it videos, tutorials or examples.


Kalimera sas dear defolders, thank you so much for mention greek translation, I will try put more, I wish to all a Happy new year with health and all your dreams come true, especially the game developement dreams !!! Be well !!!