Play the car bump-out game: Ahlgrens Radiobilar

We at Fully Studios (through Change the Agency) recently made a campaign game for the Swedish candy brand Ahlgrens Bilar (very tasty!) for their branded bumper cars takeover in the Swedish amusement park Liseberg, that you can play now.

(It’s a Swedish only campaign, so you need to add a phone number to play, but you don’t need to send in the score and enter the competition in the end if you don’t want to :stuck_out_tongue:.)

In the game, you need to bump out your competitors before they bump you out. When all opponents are eliminated, you get a new harder wave of enemies until you get kicked out. Can you beat the highscore (currently 70 997)?

It’s build using Defold 1.3.1 with default 2d physics, Monarch for scene handling, Gooey for some UI handling like input fields, Defold Orthographic for the camera system and Defold Input for some extra input handling. I was very pleased how fast the development went (the iteration time is really fast), compared to other engines like Unity, and how well it runs in a mobile browser. Very impressed!

It’s designed for a touchscreen mobile, but you can play it with WASD or arrow keys on a desktop too if you prefer that (I do).

You can play it here:

Or just watch a short screencast here:


Love it!


Thanks Mattias! You guys did the heavy lifting though :grinning: