PicoShot is a small game currently being developed for LOWREZJAM 2019. The main restriction for the jam is the game has to be crammed into a tiny 64x64 pixel space, though these pixels can be scaled up afterwards, otherwise the game would be the size of a postage stamp.

Initially it was tricky to get everything working at such a low resolution but I found it’s easier to work with floating-point numbers behind the scenes and only snap to a pixel boundary when setting the position of sprites, tilemaps etc. There are probably multiple ways of doing this.

The game itself is a vertical scrolling shooter that will feel familiar to everyone who enjoys the genre. There is currently a single level to play, though it is quite hard - and there’s a boss at the end if you can get that far!

Play demo on community page



It’s awesome! I immediately got that “beat the level” vibe. Really polished.

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