Piano Typer on Web

No Piano, No Problem!

For everyone that ever wanted to dive into music-making but is without an instrument.

As a professional musician that has been performing on the live stage since 1991, I have not been satisfied with the way conventional virtual pianos are designed, specifically their key layout.

I set out to design a layout that is actually practical and can be used to perform live music while sounding decent, based on my personal experience on what is required when playing the piano live.

Enjoy tinkering around this version 1.0 release! (Defold team has been notified about how HTML5 doesn’t seem to be binding the special keys for now… I will update when there are changes there)

Piano Typer on Scoreless Music


Great news! Using Defold 1.3.3-alpha, the key bindings are all working now. The html5 web app is fully functional.

Thanks, Defold team!


Here’s a quick demo I did, and also some instructions for people wanting to give it a guided spin:

If you can type, you can play music!

Using Piano Typer to do “live” accompaniment to the chorus of Time After Time.

The bass and chord combinations are all using just four fingers. Sometimes, it’s 1 finger on the left and 3 fingers on the right, sometimes it’s easier 2 fingers on the left, and 2 on the right.

If you’re following along with the Piano Typer, the progression is:

Bass : Harmony (name of chord)

(If you’re)

4 : T H U (G)
lost you can look and you

R : T H U (G/A)
will find

R : B G Y (Am)

C : B Y 8 (F + stuff)
… Time

4 : B Y 8 (G + stuff)

3 : B T 7 (C)


Pretty cool!

Reminds me of Qwertuoso by lftkry (although the key arrangements are different):