After defold Jam where I put pegasus I had the idea to make more levels, fix movements, add coins for score and maybe publish it. So i made 30 levels. And I want to publish it as start in Windows Store, but I wanted to know if someone else done a publish there to tell how is process. Maybe @britzl knows?
Also if some want test it maybe if send me a pm with their mail I can make an invite to google drive for them to see it.

thanks for listen me, i wish the best to all


No, I’m not familiar with the process. But there should be a step by step process provided by Microsoft.

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Yes I try read the process just I am not sure about all what says. So thats why I ask if someone knows. Thanks and be well

@Pkeod did you ever publish to the Windows Store?

I’m quite frankly not sure if it is worth the trouble?

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I never publish before there sth. Just because is right now for windows setup thats why I thought better put there. I wanted to make to be for google play. So I done inside the virtual gamepad Joystick of @britzl
but could nt transfer for render from 800x800 which I had to 750x1344, or 1080x1920 so I thought better put somewhere for windows. And steam for 30 level I think will not work ,is better I think for mobile or something. thanks

does it need all rebuilt to other screen to be because to make with screen_fit couldnt . Thanks

I done vsync check, and adjust_screen_fit but wasnot going inside normal to render , I used the default render not an asset. do I have to rebuilt all levels and menus or not? Thanks

ok now i saw has apk for mobile the engine i will try this to see what can do. Thanks

I download the apk but when try run it i have this] error getting XML description: Permission denied: connect

do u know @britzl maybe what happens?

thanks goodnight for now we can continue tomorrow thanks

I never did… because first time people were impersonating us and squatting the names of our game names, and when you installed the versions it was just a .url to their site, Microsoft let this happen. Once that was cleared up then our publishing identify verification got messed up and stuck in limbo, and it took months of back and forth to try and get it fixed, finally got them to reset the process and I never tried to set it back up again. Probably will try again eventually and I’ll report on the processes. :slight_smile:

It probably is worth putting your game up if you are a smaller dev and can tolerate the process but if people are looking for your games they are not going to be stopped by them not being on that store.

@Elpidoforos_Gkikas for this game of yours specifically publishing it on would be a good start. It has much less steps to go through and you can sell directly if you want to. Try it out.


Ok I will try to see how can go, something more why gives me the above error when try connect the engine of mobile with pc and cannot see how show at phone. Also do i have rebuild the game for such screens or can render byitself? I think can happen the second but couldnt make it happen at pc. Also i tried make a android bundle debug but was saying failed compiling android resources. Thanks


i manage with help of @Denis_Makhortov to do debug of the build
and was the defos the problem which i had for windows fullscreen
and now works in mobile normal
can please someone tell me which resolution propose to rebuilt the levels because for pc i had 800x800

for mobiles which is more common ? is it 750x 1334 or make more low?

or 750x1334 is an average ? what u suggest? also that show in my mobile black the rest of screen means show in fullscreen?

so i want to make it for google play and publish , is it a difficult procedure?


Screen resolutions for mobile are all over the place. 640x1136 or 750x1334 are both good alternatives which match some iOS device resolutions:

On Android devices you typically see resolutions like 720x~1600 or 1440x~3200.

I’d probably use 750x1334.

I’d show more of the game background or inaccessible parts of the game on any additional screen space if the aspect ratio doesn’t match perfectly.

You need an account with Google and you need to prepare a page for your app on Google Play. Google has documentation covering the process:

so i need rebuild all levels and menus yes?

cant move in way the tilemap more up or down?
or the level? the collection i mean to be at center and not at 0,0 down left

thanks for your response before is very helpful

ok i will do slowly slowly the levels new at 750x1334 and after i will try see to do the publish

thanks wish me luck :smiley:

Kalispera sas dear defolders, after some changes to levels and menu for be for android, I wanted to try to add playfab for have a hichscore more good. So I found @britzl example of playfab and some things in forum. And I put the playfab. In example main I change was the id of title in local function init_playfab() to be of pegasus, at controller scipt. I would like to ask if someone knows if I need to change sth else because even if i done three login normal the leaderboard instead of write the username and score was written anonymous.


Some photo

So please if someone or maybe @britzl can tell me what else must change to work the hichscore in code of example of playfab please help. thanks

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It was a long time ago that I worked with Plafab so I don’t recall the details unfortunately.

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Ok I ll try again to find what happen for some reason does not keep the name. thanks

@britzl it writes at debug

  WARNING:SCRIPT: Failed to return http-response. Requester deleted?

what can I do about it ? thanks, and same does at example of yours as is so not work both. thanks

does now usualy use playfab or use sth else and thats why you have maybe outdated? with outdated i mean as you mention you have much time to work with. thanks

PlayFab is still a good choice. But I haven’t worked with it in a while and the example I made is probably outdated. But the main PlayFab extension should be updated and you can use that in your game.

please @britzl let me know if you check the example code why writes unknown and not the names . thanks

Kalispera sas , sorry to ask just do you find time @britzl check playfab example about error with unknown names even if you are logged in, thanks in advance

No I haven’t had time. Did you try to debug the problem yourself? Perhaps adding some print() statement in the Playfab code?

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I tried to see why not works, but because code has to do with internet things cannot understand exactly how works, and also cannot understand how exactly connects playfab with the app, so couldnot find the mistake, anyway thanks and i hope you @britzl can do sth as was your code and know better, thanks again.

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