ParticleFX play faster in the editor than in game

Describe the bug (REQUIRED)
When editing a ParticleFX component, it plays faster in the editor than in-game

To Reproduce (REQUIRED)
Open a particle FX component and preview it in the editor

Expected behaviour (REQUIRED)
It should have the same speed in game and editor.

Defold version (REQUIRED):

  • Version 1.3.1 (Newest)

Screenshots (OPTIONAL):

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I’ve been reluctant to report this myself. Seems like particle properties in game are 0.5x the numbers shown in the editor.

When did this start happening?

I sadly don’t know, I just tried using particles for the first time yesterday.

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I’ve experienced it since… a long time ago. Maybe it has something to do with settings, refresh rate, etc… would it be helpful for me to make an example project and post it here? I wonder if anyone else notices the same behavior.

I also get this issue on my laptop, which has hybrid graphics.

However, I’ve also noticed the issue only manifests when using the dedicated graphics card (AMD R7 M370) - the editor appears to run at only 30fps.

But if I disable that card and use the on-board graphics instead (Intel HD 520) the editor particlefx run at the correct rate.

@britzl I have found out that the more fps the editor is running at, the quicker the particlefx plays.
However that won’t happen when playing the game (doesn’t matter how many fps).
I have a 144 hz monitor refresh rate which probably is the issue

@Swarkin could you please create a ticket on GitHub for this issue?

Done: ParticleFX speed is bound to framerate in the editor · Issue #6530 · defold/defold (