Panthera 2.0 - Animation Runtime & Editor


Panthera Runtime

Panthera Runtime - a Defold library designed to integrate animations created with Panthera 2.0 Editor, a versatile animation software, into Defold projects. This runtime library simplifies the process of importing and playing back Panthera animations, enhancing the visual quality and interactivity of Defold games and applications.


  • Seamless Animation Integration: Import and use Panthera 2.0 animations directly in Defold.
  • Full Animation Support: Supports all animation features provided by Panthera 2.0, including events, animation blending, nested animations and more.
  • Flexible Usage: Compatible with both game objects and GUI nodes in Defold, allowing for versatile application across different game elements.
  • Animation Cursor: Provides a way to control animation manually, allowing for precise control over playback and synchronization with game events.
  • Hot Reloading: Reload animations on the fly during development, enabling rapid iteration and testing of animation assets.


See the Panthera repository on Github for the Setup, Documentation, API and Use Cases


Check the HTML5 example of this Animation Runtime here



Panthera 2.0 Editor

Panthera 2.0 Editor is a cross-platform animation software solution developed using the Defold engine, with the goal of streamlining the process of designing layouts and animations for game projects.

Integrated tightly with Defold, Panthera allows the import of .gui files, which can then be animated directly within the editor interface. This tool offers support for various animation techniques, including tweening, triggering, events, and animation keys, allowing users to create complex animations effortlessly.

Panthera 2.0 Editor uses a simple animation JSON format for animation files. If you are not using Defold, the animation runtime can be easily implemented in any game engine or framework.


  • Intuitive Layout Creation: Design and arrange your scene elements effortlessly.
  • Advanced Animation Tools: Craft smooth and complex animations to bring your game to life.
  • Simple Animation Format: Export animations in a simple JSON format for easy integration into your projects.
  • Compact Size: Lightweight and easy to install, with no additional dependencies required.
  • Defold Tight Integration: Seamlessly import Defold *.gui files for direct animation within the editor.

Animation Editor Features

  • Tween Keys: Create tween animation keys to animate number properties over time, like position, rotation, scale and color.
  • Trigger Keys: Create trigger animation keys to change non-number properties at a specific time, properties like pivot, enabled, image and text.
  • Event Keys: Create event animation keys to trigger custom events at specific times like play sound or start spine animation. Event keys can have a duration and easing functions.
  • Animation Keys: Create animation keys to run included animations at specific times. Animation keys can have a duration and easing functions.
  • Easing Functions: Choose from a variety of easing functions to add smooth transitions to your animations.
  • Animation Blending: Blend multiple animations simultaneously to create complex, layered animations.
  • Fast Loading: Load project files swiftly to dive into animation creation without delay.


Get the latest release of Panthera 2.0 Editor from the Releases page.

Getting Started Guide

Panthera 2.0 Editor is designed to be user-friendly, with a focus on enhancing the animation workflow within Defold projects. To get started, visit the Getting Started guide to learn the basics.


I’m excited to share!

The project has become quite big, but I’m glad to reach the point where I can release it

If you want to see the development process, here is a Twitter thread with GIFs:

Also I should to ask the help with testing the animation runtime, there is a lot of cases and it become very time consuming to check everything. Thanks!

Let’s make something amazing together :wink:


You can thank @Insality using one of the following services:


Старую версию только не удаляйте пожалуйста. Она нормально работает. Спасибо.
Я по старинке беру лишь несколько строчек из готового результата. Просто чем больше всяких зависимостей и библиотек - больше тормозов.

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I’ve been following this on twitter and I can wait to start playing with it.

Fantastic job @Insality !


Hello! The new updates for Panthera Runtime and Panthera Editor are here:

made with Panthera

Panthera Runtime v2


  • Add panthera.clone_state function to clone animation states.
  • Various fixes for correct animation playback.
  • Add speed modifier for animation states to adjust all animations played by this state.
    • After creating an animation state, you can set the speed of all animations played by this state by setting the speed property.
    • Example: animation_state.speed = 1.5
  • Update documentation.
  • Update GO and GUI adapters:
    • GO now supports color and slice9 properties.
    • The Defold default sprite color property is tint. To use color property for sprite components, use /panthera/materials/sprite.material or any other with color property.
    • GUI: fix slice9 property typo.
    • GUI: fix for pie vertices and piebounds properties.

Panthera 2.0 Editor v633

Link: Release Panthera 2.0 Editor v633 · Insality/panthera · GitHub

  • Add adjustable per-project text font size
  • Add stable JSON key order. No unnecessary diffs!
  • Migrate to Defold 1.8.0
  • Fix initial timeline key values with the initial animation property. This affects the playing animation at runtime. Resave projects if you encounter any issues
  • Fix atlas project renaming. It should no longer break dependencies and will use the atlas_id field of the project
  • Various fixes

HTML5 version is planing?

No, only desktop versions

You can find the editor for Windows/MacOS/Linux on release page

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(( still use panthera-editor :+1: