Our team is growing!


I’m pleased to announce that @AGulev and @vlaaad have joined the Defold team!

Alexey is a long time Defold user with several released games under his belt as well as the creation of some popular community assets. We’re very happy to finally have him on board! Alexey will work with dev relations, community support, trainings and the creation of community assets.

Vlad is joining the team as a very welcome addition to the editor team. He’s a passionate developer with a taste for functional programming so he’ll fit right in with Mats and Erik.

Both Alexey and Vlad have relocated to a snowy Stockholm and they will work as full-time employees from the King office together with the rest of the Defold gang!

Välkommen Alexey and Vlad!

Snap to grid or holding command doesn't work


I hope one day I will also make it to the Defold team :slight_smile: Välkommen !


Congratulations to both of you! Enjoy this new chapter in your life! :slightly_smiling_face:


Always knew Alexey was going to become part of this team


Congratulations to both you guys AND the Defold team. Happy to see you growing stronger and even better!




Thanks everyone, cheers!


Great news! Look forward to seeing even more magic in the new year.




Congrats to all of you!


Thanks! :sunny:




Congratulations! It is a very exciting news! :smiley:


Very exciting news :smiley: Good luck gentlemen!


Awesome!! Congrats!!! I know @AGulev has a lot of love and care for Defold and wants it to be as good as it can be so very happy to see him join and personally be able to make it better!!


DefGang :gun: That’s cool!!

Congrats @agulev and @vlaaad!!!


you shall be too :slight_smile:




Whoooray! Congratulations! :+1::+1::+1:


Congratulations! Proud of both of you. Happy Defolding.