Open Sound Control Library

If you want to use the OSC protocol in your defold applications, try my library defold-osc
It can be useful when you want to communicate/synchronise with other multimedia applications where this protocol is available like Processing, MediaPipe, PureData for example :wink:


Interesting! Thank you for sharing! May I ask what you have used this library for yourself?


In another life, I often used this protocol to make dialogue between different interactive applications. There, I came across the MediaPipe framework and I wanted to use it to create a kind of remote control that would be based on the tracking of the human body and its hands to control, for example, a game made with Defold (the return kind of kinect :smiley:).

Here my source of inspiration:

Here are my first steps with MediaPipe using the Python framework … I am starting to detect hands and have some metrics …

There is still a long way to go to detect a few gestures such as the closed / open fist, open / closed thumb or index finger, moving the hands, etc. but it is fun to find out how to do it and the internet is full of resources …

This kind of intelligence will remain on the python side. The OSC library will ultimately be useful for sending orders to the game made with Defold (based on one of the examples provided) like up, down, left, right, attack, roll…


Oh my! Awesome results! I hope you will keep us updated on your journey, it’s amazing! :heart_eyes:

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