Official Spine runtime - alpha testing

Official Spine runtime - Alpha testing

We feel that this extension is ready to be tested in small capacity for some of our users.
If you are only using Spine in game objects, and without IK, you can try out this version of the extension.

What is currently missing before we can release the 2.0.0 version of this extension?

  • IK support
  • GUI support

We currently are working on making Spine in Gui to work as it does for the previous implementation (it’s a big task).

In the 2.0.0 release of the extension, we want to have feature parity with our current (Defold) Spine runtime.
Later, we can add more features to the extension, hopefully with the help from the community.


The branch is called spine-runtime and the dependency zip is here.

Editor: There are also some engine changes needed, so you (currently) need to use the dev version of the editor.


First I’d like to make it clear that this is a big change, so we needed to make some alterations to the workflow.

The things to consider is described in the migration guide.

NOTE As this changes your files, make sure you have your old content backed up!

  • The new file suffix is .spinejson

    • Set this as the output suffix in the Spine Editor
  • Resave the files

    • The new runtime is based on Spine 4.0+
  • spine.set_skin(name) now only takes one argument

    • The new spine.set_attachment(slot, attachment) allows you to set an attachment to a slot
  • spine.play_animation() etc are now synchronous.

  • If a callback is set to spine.play_anim() it will now receive all spine events (e.g. foot steps etc)

  • There is no spine.set_constant(). Use go.set()


Report issues in the github repo

Let us know if you’re trying it out and how it works for you!



:dark_sunglasses: Awesome Work Guys. Super stoaked and happy to see more Spine support. In some of the contracts I worked on, Defold was something we only discussed of briefly due to the 2.0 being the latest and no mesh support. I’ll make sure to slack this link into the internal game-dev. This looks promissing! :100: :clap:

But Defold is support a mesh with restriction (only bones and 4 and less bones per vertex). It’s optimal for gameplay animation (for speed reasons), but not so good for static screens character animations (like a menus, inventory, dialogs, face animation, etc.) :sob:

Is vertex animation workable with new extesion?

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