Official defold hardware leaked?

I made this! It used to be a case for cassette tapes. I went to the wonderful to buy a 14" screen panel, a PlayerX PCB (which defold automatically recognises as a gamepad), and a whole load of mini arcade buttons.

The buttons are used to synchronise a number of animations that could be used with, for example, a musical performance or DJ in combination with a projector.

On the inside of this box, there is a 2010 mac mini server which I got for £100 on eBay. Defold takes a while to build but runs absolutely perfectly.

If anyone is interested in building their own gamepad, I would highly recommend a Player X PCB. Made in Sheffield (UK), works like a charm (recognised by defold with no hassle) inexpensive, and clearly very well built. All you need to do is connect your buttons or other controls (including a joystick and up to 12 buttons)


@88.josh, super! I want one of these!