Yo yo. I posted On another dude’s thread about my game idea because I got all excited and stuff.
Also, these questions on the side of the start a topic thing are pretty unfriendly. You guys sure are worried that peasants will clog up the forums with “uninteresting sounding threads.” Geez. “Who would be interested in this?” Well, idk. Probably no one. Sorry to waste your storage space. Makes new people feel very unwelcome. FYI.

So anyway - a game where a knight is in the middle of the screen, and players have to tap on either side of him to attack as hordes of skeletons attack. It also scrolls automatically through a background as a level.

But since I am a troll I wanted to make all kinds of cool extras - experience, levels, gold, items, a story with “cinematics” full voice acting (by me and me mates) an overland map, skilltrees, scaling enemies, bosses with intro cinematics, etc.

Basically make it ridiculous all for a game where all you do is “tap to kill skeletons”

So I’ve got Defold. I purchased Aseprite and have been toiling away trying to make pixel art that doesnt suck balls.

So far I have an unfinished logo: workinglogo workinglogo

I’ve also got a little knight:
knight knight

Baller AF, right?

My first problem is screen resolution and switching “scenes.”

Today I am trying to just make a simple splash screen where the player taps to start the game.

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I have no idea what you are referring to. Can you please explain where you were met with an unfriendly message?

This example might be helpful:

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