Nine patch image optimiser

Nine Patch Image Optimiser

I have the little python script to make the nine patch image from original one:

Github link:


You can pass the single image or folder (see README at github) and you will get next output for each processed image:

Image: button_purple.png
Output: button_purple.png
Origin Size: 368x128
New Size: 122x128
9Patch side: [60, 0, 60, 0]
Saved: 66.85%

To use image in Defold as before, set in the editor nine patch settings:
60 (from left) 0 (from top) 60 (from right) 0 (from bottom)
and set node size to origin size:
Origin Size: 368x128

Hope it can be useful for you :slight_smile:


This is fantastic!

Seems like this will enable us to design UI in the final dimensions. Sounds like a big workflow improvement.


This is the main reason to create this tool for me! It’s much easier to ask your artists draw 1:1 art and later if required I can with only myself change it to 9patch optimised images.