Newsletter for Defold developer jobs and outsourcing?

Last weeks I spent a lot of time helping out to outsource Defold projects or to find Defold devs for projects of various sizes and ambitions.

So I thought, if I create a newsletter to broadcast when King or a 3rd party studio needs a Defold programmer or wants to outsource something, will anybody subscribe?

Or shall we instead push the hiring opportunities with our regular newsletter?






There’s a newsletter?

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You can subscribe with this link

Or this one if that doesn’t work for some reason

I am not sure where the sign up is elsewhere, maybe it’s tied to accounts somewhere.

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Yeah – users are automatically added to the newsletter when they sign up for Defold. Though, we did see some mishaps with the lists recently, so it might be the case that a small number of users weren’t signed up. Judging from your sign-up date, @rantingrob, this might unfortunately have been the case for you. Pkeod’s link should work, but lemme know if you run into any issues!

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So next Defold newsletter is to have a dedicated “Jobs with Defold” part. Guess we’ll feature Defold opportunities with King. Guess also with @AJirenius and @olegchumakovzulman, if you folks would like us to spread the word about Defold positions with your teams?

Anybody else willing to hire a Defold programmer, please talk to me by any mean convenient, i.e. and get onto the next newsletter pushed to some 40,000 people.