New Product / Features page - feedback


I don’t see that awesome announcement here! (Edit: I didn’t noticed it in Defold popularity thread) :astonished: So I made one :wink:
Seriously, guys, awesome job! I love the new content so much! :heart:

Small feedback:

  • Custom script property animation - maybe we should add simple example to show what it could be? Health? What do you think? I could try to make here (and there :sweat_smile:) a simple animation (for example, back then, I was “bought” to use Defold when I saw this one animation with a little ghost that changes color with code showing Hot Reload)
  • Artist friendly or maybe Artists friendly?
  • In GUI we could mention Templates? What do you think? (I don’t want to add here too much, but if you find it interesting maybe it’s worth it?)
  • When mentioning tilemaps collisions I would like to note its automatic shape based on tiles images, but I don’t know good and short words :smile:
  • Per platform configurable texture compression - > Texture compression configurable per platform?
  • Engine size is astonishing even without putting it with comparison with any other engine! :heart:
  • (off topic a little bit:) Regarding Hot Reloading on device (I rather not use it, but when I do, I always have problems with connection - I think it’s a good topic to make a short instruction video :wink:)
  • generally - new page is looking soooo good and shows what Defold really is! :heart_eyes:
  • generally - more pictures / animations ( I will try to do some on my own with Rive :sweat_smile:)

Now on to make simple, short presentations of each feature and start a Twitter campaign with them, one for each day/week! :crown:



One thing that stands out to me is “3D particle emitters” there are some missing features like being able to randomize the 3D orientation - at the moment they can only all face a single direction even when using a 3D emitter. It would also be good to have the option to be able to set particles to always face the camera.

It feels like something needs to be in the center here between the two screenshots.



Looks great!

I have nit-picking comments having nothing to do with presentation or information, though :slight_smile:

“use flipbook animations animation for sprites” should drop an "animation"

Slice-9 should be 9-Slice (“Slice 9” is a rapper, I believe…)

truly-cross platform should probably be truly cross-platform or truly cross platorm

long turnaround times kills should maybe be long turnaround times kill or long turnaround time kills

The Defold SDK allows you to write extension should likely be extensions



Thank you for the feedback. I’ve fixed typos and made a few updates based on comments in this thread.