New Greek community group for Defold , you are all invited to join

New Greek community group for defold , you are all invited to join and post things inside

Thanks a lot :smile:



I actually lived in thessaloniki for a year, and it was the greatest time of my life. I was 19, though, and totally missed the opportunity to properly learned greek, which i regret deeply now. I am incredibly hungry for fried eggplant with honey right now.

I have a gyros place near me which i order from WAY too much. They have the best meat, pita, and patatas. They also do proper feta and tzatziki.

I might visit greece soon for work. Hope I am able to return to thessaloniki and see if they have finished building the metro yet…


Kalispera @88.josh i hope you come soon again in greece. Yes we have gyros and other many nice things like moussaka or gemista. I can tell you recipes if you want as I am a cook too. But I done this in my experience about tourism, as I was two years study about in Crete. So for defold maybe not know much yet and you can help, but recipes who wants I can send him. My place in Greece is on island of Evvoia at south part , at village Marmari which is 1 hour away from Athens, as we are across of Athens exactly. Many does not know that after Creta that Evvoia is the second biggest island of Greece. Check the new advertisement of greece about tourism of 2020 that they done at beach of Megali Ammos 1km away from me.

I hope once defolders to come in greece and make a conference or sth.

Thanks a lot and hope you to join the greek group

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Kali spera!

That looks absolutely amazing. You’re very lucky in Greece to have so much coast so close. We were about 40 minutes from mount Olympus and we had many beautiful beaches close, as well as some beautiful old architecture.

I love moussaka and genista and spanakoriso :partying_face:

I never went to the islands (I broke a bone in my foot and couldn’t travel as much as I wanted) but I did go to meteora and Athens. Both were incredible.


Yes spanakoriso is nice too me i love too but cant eat much :no_mouth: because make bad values at health, yes salonika has chalkidiki close for beaches even if one foot is of ag. oros and only priests and monks lives there. Olympus I put in the game i sent in the jam pegasus but i dont know if the others understand it . I took from real photo and paint it :smile: . As for moussaka is one of my favorite and i cook it also good. One secret is to add little of cream also in meat to take taste. :smile: Soon if we continue talk i will go to the fridge search for food. Meteora i ve been there but didnot went on a monastery as i afraid high to look down so could not go no way on some stairs had one and down nothing. :upside_down_face: so i prefer to wait at car others from group to come. i was there with a choros. As about islands have the best sunsets… @88.josh also thanks that you joined the group i hope more to come


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Kalispera sas dear defolders some things online about defold in the group for you to see , online is, people we dont have to see and interact and post , maybe if i promise some souvlaki with tzatziki people come for sure :smile: , also even @britzl saw to me google analytics that greeks are in forum, yes in this forum, but me why i do not see noone and i think i am alone. Ok again i return at first matter to show you photos of posts

thanks to all i hope some more defolders join too

@Pawel sorry but only your nose seems !!! :joy: