New Defold Tutorial on YouTube: Building a Tower Defense Game


The Introductory Video Defold Tutorial Series that I posted on YouTube has generated a lot of interest in learning the basic features of Defold – and has prompted a lot of requests for a tutorial that walks through the design and structure of a more comprehensive game.

I have selected the Tower Defense genre for this new Video Defold Tutorial Series. As we all know, Tower Defense games are a very popular genre….and if you are interested in learning how to build a Tower Defense game using Defold – this is the tutorial for you. I think you’re really going to like it.

I’ve just posted this six-video series onto YouTube….and encourage folks to take a look…here’s the link:

This Tower Defense Tutorial will teach you the basics on how to incorporate the following features into a game: (1) Studio and Game Splashscreens, (2) Level Selection Menus, (3) Help Screens, (4) Tank Strikes, (5) Tower Placement to Defensive Positions, (6) Tower/Tank Fire Exchange, (7) Health & Resource Point Scoring, (8) Game Pause and (9) Victory Condition Determination.

The tutorial includes detailed deep-dive walkthroughs of several design features, to include:

  1. Geometry-driven movement along pre-defined paths
  2. Data-driven loiter locations
  3. Drag & Drop Functionality with error detection
  4. Data parameters supporting game balancing
  5. Multiple Graphic User Interfaces supporting helpscreens, upgrade popups
  6. Fire Exchange animations and Game Object Impact Determinations
  7. Use of a Collection Proxy with a set_time_step based Game Pause Feature
  8. Spawning & Deletion of Tower/Tank Collection Components—ID Capture Tables

I’ve also included a full project folder for each of the six builds which are provided within each of the YouTube Tutorials.

I hope you find these video tutorials helpful – I’ve really enjoyed putting them together. All the best, David



Hi David
I loved the 7 part introductory series and was looking forward to your next series and glad to see this. The description looks exciting and i shall view them in the next few days…
One thing i realised in the introductory series was that none of the Defold extentions(Monarch, Rendercam, and some other popular ones) were used. Would be good to see that as well though i realise that it was just an introductory series…
Thanks once again…



I agree. Really impressive work!

While I do agree that RenderCam, Monarch and other extensions can make the life of a developer easier I do believe that it is a good choice to not use any extensions in these kinds of tutorials.