New community donation goal


As you know by now the Defold Foundation is a completely separate entity from King, and while we did receive a generous donation from King we are not funded indefinitely. We rely on corporate partnerships such as the ones we have announced with Heroic Labs and Grant for the Web, but also to some extent on community donations.

Our goal of getting 25 community sponsors was quickly reached even though we didn’t have anything tied into the goal itself. We are truly grateful and we thank you for supporting us!

Today we updated our GitHub Sponsor goal to make it more tangible for you as community members. The current goal is to cover 50% of native extension build server costs from community donations. The monthly cost for keeping the servers running is roughly $1300. Our goal is to engage the community and get 50% of the costs ($650/month) covered by donations.

If you feel like supporting us then please head to the GitHub Sponsor page and join or increase your donation: