New AdMob extension by the Defold Foundation

Thanks to a lot of work by @AGulev we can finally announce the release of an official (as in supported by the Defold Foundation) AdMob extension for iOS and Android. The extension is available here:

The AdMob extension by @sergey.lerg is still working as before and if you are using it there is no immediate need to change. But we also recognise how critical ad monetization is on mobile which is why we feel that it is necessary for us to also provide an extension that is developed by the Defold Foundation.


I can also mention that I use this version in production (iOS with ATT request, Android) at least a month, and it works perfect! :partying_face:


Thank you @Dragosha for your help with testing and advice!



I suppose this extension doesn’t support mediation of third party SDKs? If so, is there a plan to add it?

No, it doesn’t.
I have plans to add it, but without any exact dates for now, sorry.


Thanks! That’s awesome though, solid support for mediation is one of the big things missing for me.

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I totally agree with you. This is the main reason I made this AdMob implementation from scratch.

The process of developing a mediation NE is more difficult than a separate AD network. I think we need to develop not just a mediation NE but some basis for this type of native extension to make it more flexible.
So, it will take some time.


Fantastic work! Thanks to everyone involved.

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Amazing! Good job! Monetisation is key, very good move.


AdMob extension updated.

  • Android SDK 20.5.0 (2021‑11‑18)
  • iOS SDK 8.13.0 (2021‑11‑17)
  • New events for Interstitial and Rewarded videos: admob.EVENT_CLICKED

For AdMob sdk version 20.5.0, due to dependencies, Android Studio indicates at build that a minimum version 31 compile sdk is required if I specify a version 30 compile sdk in my project.

The minCompileSdk (31) specified in a
dependency’s AAR metadata (META-INF/com/android/build/gradle/
is greater than this module’s compileSdkVersion (android-30).

However, there is no build issue with AdMob sdk version 20.4.0.

As far as I know Defold also uses a version 30 compile sdk to build. Couldn’t this be a problem?

No, it shouldn’t be a problem.
According to AdMob release notes this dependency is important to avoid crashes on Android 12.

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Thanks for the link!

New version of extension released

  • updated to the latest ios/android SDK versions;
  • now it uses cocoapods for ios;
  • added new API for Rewarded Interstitial units;
  • fixed a couple of isues with banner position (#36 and #37);