Nested block quotes - errors in Linux builds only


I have been having some issues creating builds for Linux (Windows and Mac builds run fine). With some debugging, I have realised the issue is caused by nested block quotes, like the example below:

--- @usage
local usage = [[
  -- Example
  local Distance = require ('jumper.core.heuristics'
  -- etc ... 

I am happy to scrub away these nested blockquotes, I’m just a bit curious about why this is only causing issues on Linux. From the “Lua in Defold” manual:

We aim to keep Defold the same across all platforms, but we currently have a small discrepancy between Lua versions. For HTML5 and iOS 64 bit platforms we use Lua 5.1 but for other platforms we use LuaJIT.

Based on the above it seems to me like this should work on all three systems, or on none. I’m sure there could be a legitimate reason, but I just wanted to flag this just in case there is some issue in the Linux side that needs to be looked at.


Hmm, I honestly have no idea. I would have expected it to work the same on Win, OSX and Linux. @Mathias_Westerdahl, any idea?


It might be related to this: Multi line comments cause crash on ios


Hmm, yes, on iOS it’s vanilla Lua, not LuaJit which might explain why. But why on Linux?


armv7-darwin: LuaJit
arm64-darwin: vanilla Lua


True, thanks Mathias!