My game project will not open

Hello, I have a new problem now. When I open defold, I click on my project, click open selected and then it goes through the loading bit, and then nothing happens?

Could the .project files be corrupted or something? I had this problem in the past but justbnsolved it by creating a new project and copying my files/extensions to it.

Check my question here: Defold Fetching Libraries Workaround - #8 by britzl

You can also zip your project and share it here so we can take a look.

Ok well I have followed the advice of just slamming everything into a new project and that seems to work but its quite tedious. I am using some of the features from the live runner master (that you have created??) and Im not creating a game for monetary game, its for a school project and I think my project is a bit of a disgrace

Ok, good that you got it solved. I can’t tell what went wrong with your last project though without taking a closer look!

@britzl Created pull request on your live runner project to fix credit link to kenney artist as it is pointing to a manufacturing site atm.

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Ok well I am trying to upload my file but it says the file is not supported and then my screen goes black and I get kicked off the website. What do I need to do?

Sounds weird. You should put all files in a zip archive and upload the zip file.

Here is a massively updated version of my game. The camera doesnt really work and follows the player weirdly and Ive had to do a lot of collisions objects because a tile map would take to long. I welcome feedback