My first mobile game made in defold

it’s a casual and simple mobile game where you need to avoid spikes and collect coins any feedback and feature you want me to add tell it to:


new update:

  • Better gui

  • new Hard mode

  • increased spike speed

  • fixed player speed problem

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new update:

  • another fix for the controll
  • make hard mode even harder
  • decrese size from 15mb to 14 mb
  • update size 900 kb

new update:

  • random skin color (now support only red and orange).
  • better audio volume and quality - small update size
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Congratulations on release! :tada:

And integrating ads properly :wink: my feedback about the game is that most annoying thing is that you have to tap (touch and release) to change ball’s position - you can’t out your finger on and move it left or right, the ball won’t follow. If you could check the position of input not only “on release” it would be better to play :wink:

ok i will try to do it thanks

the input is actually not on release it’s on pressed what do you mean by this how is the possible solution for better controll

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If it’s on pressed the feeling is similar. You could gather all inputs of kind “touch” (or whatever you called it) and update position everytime without checking action.pressed nor action.released :wink:

if action_id == hash("touch") then
    -- your code handling position

hey ,
Can you share how did you test the game on android ?
I mean there are many android sizes and types . how did you test it ?
Also how is your experience to publish the game ? what to look for when developing for mobile with defold ?

i tested the gameplay directly in my laptop or in my phone which is a redmi note 10 i tested on my phone only for network related things like analytics and ads