Multiple APK


I experimented with Android Multiple Apk on the weekend. It is really simple to create and use.


If you want to provide as smaller APK file as possible for the end user Multiple APK give you a possibility to split up Android 32Bit and Android 64 bit.
Google Play Store will choose APK depends on a user device.


Pretty simple. You need to follow the next steps:

  1. Build APK using one of architecture: 32bit for example.
  2. Increase Android Version code (Project Version could be the same)
  3. Build APK using another architecture (64bit)
  4. When You create a new release in Google Play Console upload both APKs files in the same release.


UPD: of course, you are still able to bundle both architectures in one APK file.


Build Android Release with Android App Bundles (Issue-3381)