Multiple 3D collision objects don't show properly in the IDE


For some reason the second collision object shows as a single plane:

It looks as expected at runtime. Minimal example: Multiple 3D Collision (114.4 KB)

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Thanks. We’ll look into this tomorrow.



I’m unable to reproduce the problem:

Did you maybe change the Physics from 2D to 3D after creating the object?



Open collision_test.collection copy and paste one of the walls (like go9) then move it out, for me it always ends up like this:



It has been like this for me since I made this project 2 years ago. There used to be other problems found with it too like… static collision objects next to each other in the editor wouldn’t appear that way in the engine. I don’t know if that’s still a problem.

Here’s an old issue, that was apparently solved that might be the other one I was thinking of.

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It looks to be a temporary glitch in the IDE when a collision object inside a go is copied. Note that all is fine and dandy after restarting:

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Good catch! Confirmed that they show up properly after saving project, closing editor, then opening project again.


Here is something else strange, I cannot rotate objects in Y in this scene which start with rotation 180,0,0 and can only rotate them properly in Y after slightly changing the rotation in X or Z first.