Multi-image-viewer tool

Hey all,

I made this little thing entirely for my own use, but who knows, maybe someone else will find it useful too? It’s a very simple program for viewing multiple images at once. Specifically for assembling a sheet of art references to paint from (or just “inspiration boards”). There are a couple popular programs (Kuadro and PureRef) for the same purpose that have tons of features, but they both annoy me for various reasons, so I made my own.

Even if it’s useless, maybe it can serve as an example of image loading, dealing with file extensions, and so on.

You can grab the source here and build it for yourself.
Note: It does use the Def-diags native extension, so it won’t build for Linux yet. Hopefully soon!

Demo gif:


Nice! I love that you’re using Defold for this!


Nice work!
And, yes, the Linux support is coming soon!

I’ll also make sure to tell Viktor (that makes PureRef) about this ^^


A blast from the past!

I don’t know if anyone ever used this other than myself, but I have now rewritten it in Love2D. (Windows executable included in “Releases”.)

Main missing feature from Defold version:

  • No native file dialogs (which only worked on Windows and MacOS anyway).
    • Instead, you now drag-and-drop images or folders onto the window to add images, and saving projects is more limited.

Main added features from Defold version:

  • No CPU cost at rest
    • The window is only redrawn when you interact with it, so the CPU load should be pretty much zero when the program is just sitting there.
  • Can accept a command-line argument to open a project file on startup.
    • Therefore you can associate the “.multiview” file type with the executable and then double-click on those files to open them.