"level"), "load") - Hash couldn't be resolved as a receiver when loading collection proxy


In a simple case, when I have a collection proxy below the go and I try to load it in the script that is below the go:"#level_1", "load")  -- does work

while:"#level_1"), "load")  -- doesn't work

and throws:

ERROR:GAMEOBJECT: Instance '#level_1' could not be found when dispatching message 'load' sent from main:/go#main

Using absolute url doesn’t help there.

In the documentation of a receiver can be either string/url/nil or hash. Why couldn’t a collection proxy be called by a hash of its name?

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This will convert into a URL. Same as doing:"#level_1"), "load") -- does work, nil, "level_1"), "load") -- does work

This is expects an instance identifier, ie what you get from calling go.get_id([path]).

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