Mr. Money - My first LD Game


Hello Defoldians.
I know that submitting a game for LD is not a big deal, but still, I feel quite excited for this., and came to brag here.

What’s the Game all about?

It’s just a 2d brawler game where you take up the role of a buisness man , who is threatened by a gangster called Black Money and fight to protect your money from invaders.

The process:

I began with a simple idea in mind on the second day, and had just finished basic movements of player and enemies.
On the Third day, I sat for 12 hours continuously, and after 8 hours, I felt I couldn’t do it, and then decided to leave it. But after an hour, got scolded by my parents for taking up things like this and then quitting. Finally, decided to give it a go again, and sat up till 2 in morning and completed it Finally.

A word of thanks

Finally, I would like to thank

  • @Insality for his Printer Extension,
  • @pawel.jarosz21 for his kind words
  • Most important :, @britzl for your inspiring words, which pushed me to finally release it.
  • And the entire Defold community

Some Links -
LD -$153561 (Rate and Play)
Source -

Edit 1 : The HTML Build is up now. Yay!!! :partying_face:



Upload HTML5 build to your itch page?

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I’m trying, but the builds just don’t seem to work. I will create a post.



It actually is a big deal. Being able to design and develop a game within such a short timeframe is actually quite impressive and you should be proud! Well done!



Great game, it’s awesome you’ve completed it within 3 days, and finished like me :smiley: I can’t wait for another jam, I’ve discovered new, great way to create games with Defold - having a straight and simple goal to accomplish. Great you made it too! :wink:



it is so nice your parents support you pulling an all nighter in front of a computer doing non-commerial games. Give them a high-five!



Thank you all for your love :heart:

What I learnt from this jam?

  • You need to hv a really small scope for jams.
  • I really enjoyed making Beat 'em Up, and want to make a full scale one in future.
  • I should not be up till 2 at night(I was caught by my Physics teacher trying to sleep in Class :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: : )

On the whole, I must add that this was a great experience.
BTW Don’t forget to leave feedback. It is really appreciated.