Mouse scrolling too slow in MacOS (DEFEDIT-1613)


I upgrate Defold to 1.2.148 2019-03-15, but the mouse scrolling is very slow in every defold editor panel.
I remember that 1.2.147’s mouse scrolling speed is the same as Xcode.



@vlaaad is this an effect of the JavaFX upgrade?



I can confirm it became super slow to the fact that I had to switch editor. My guess is also JavaFX as it happened around that time.



I remember seeing something regarding scrolling in javafx git log, will look into it once I’ll be at work



Created DEFEDIT-1613



This is apparently still a problem



Allow me to provide some details. The editor build I’m using is 1.2.168, Editor SHA1 is 39749b921d8e37b9a669f4096a3faa6d7252dec5, engine SHA1 e22f6d2f81e7c53ebcbfefe703ff22ce5da252c0.

The system is a 13" MacBook Pro 2018, i5 2,3 GHz, 16 GB RAM, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655.

Unlike a very similar performance regression I’ve encountered with Godot, this doesn’t actively block me from working with Defold, luckily, but it still feels like something is off.

The easiest way to reproduce it is to open a project’s setting pane and scrolling. I didn’t make any attempts at measuring the scroll FPS, but it’s very low (single digits.) The rest of the UI is mostly okay, with some parts snappier than others. Luckily, working in Defold doesn’t entirely consist of editing project settings. :wink:

It is not my intention to complain (even though the tweet was a bit on the cynical side of things, for which I apologize; if there was a target, it really was Apple), after all I am lucky enough to have both a Mac and a PC, allowing me to just switch to whatever platform works better.

What’s curious, though, is the similarity to the Godot issue mentioned earlier. The Godot team at some point had the theory that Apple somehow managed to cripple their drivers in newer versions of macOS, but didn’t have an up-to-date Mac to verify this.

At this point, I’m mostly interested in knowing if this is considered a known issue (with most of the Defold team working on Macs, as Pkeod mentioned on Twitter), or if this is an actual bug/edge case with my specific setup.

Thanks for your hard work, and do let me know if there is a way for me to help.




Don’t worry, we are all blaming Apple (and OS catalina) too :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I hope it’s something defold can fix as I just ordered a 2015 macbook pro and i’m not sure what OS it has…



I haven’t experienced this myself. And I’m currently using a fairly old MacBook Pro with Catalina and … wth! The “About This Mac” reports it as a MacBook Air… :confused:

What does the Activity Monitor show in CPU usage for Defold when it happens?

I’ve experience occasional spikes in CPU when I have many script files open, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint the problem and it happens rarely.



For what it’s worth, I have a 2014 macbook air with very basic specs and Defold has always worked excellently. 4gb RAM, OS X el capitan.

I really hope my new macbook pro (new as in second hand) from 2015 still works well. If not, I’ll do my best to help pinpoint the problem.



Hmm, it’s really strange. It works fine for me.
I tested on
and on new mac 16" with the latest Catalina.

It’s sad that you have this issue, but probably it’s something related Intel Iris Graphics and drivers for it (on both my macs I have 2 graphics cards)

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I have a MacBook Pro with Intel graphics and I don’t have any issues with this.