Monkey Mart

Hey everyone!

We’d like to share our new game Monkey Mart:


Time to give thanks:

First of all, thanks Defold team for this awesome engine!
Hope this small game will show other developers what you can made with Defold.

Extensions that we use in the game:

  1. The powerful UI library Druid by @Insality

  2. In all our projects we use the Orthographic Camera by @britzl

  3. The magic extension ResZip for keeping the build with small size and download an additional content later, by @aglitchman

  4. The Poki SDK extension by @AGulev

  5. The library for using utf8, used to output Cyrillic by @d954mas

  6. Algorithm for finding path A-star by @selimanac

  7. A module to help you save / load config and player data by @Pkeod

Thank you guys! and of course thanks Poki for great platform where you can publish web games.

What need to do:

  1. Add more languages support (at least DE/ES/TR/IT/FR)
  2. More updates (are you looking for?)
  3. Mobile release, zero experience here, we have to research this way, with a publisher of course, first we need to find it.
  4. Some work with the optimization, that’s related the sorting spine and sprite (Batching Drawcalls Go Sprite with Go Spine)
  5. Some issues with the save data progress, still researching it. Some players lose the progress, we haven’t yet understood what it depends on.

Topics I would like to bring up for discussion:

  1. My favorite :smiley: The texture compression! we’re still waiting the awesome comppression that removed from 1.2.179 version.

  2. The ability to automatically put Live Update’s zip file in the bundle directory when publishing the game from Defold IDE.

Guys, remember to give :+1: in this issues, you too will face this need sooner or later! :slight_smile:

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


This is looking great!

As for the features, I agree that the texture compression pipeline needs some more flexibility. While not exactly on the road map, it is something that I want us to do.
At the very least, I will start a design document so that I can figure out what things are needed to make it work (we’ve added several other features that will help make this possible).

“The ability to automatically put Live Update’s zip file in the bundle directory when publishing the game from Defold IDE.”

For the time being, I would recommend using a script to do this. I.e. build and bundle the engine, copy the zip files etc.


Brilliant game! And people love it!

Screenshot 2022-12-09 at 09.33.30


So fun to play, I love it. Congrats :slight_smile:

This game style is so suitable for mobile. You should definitely go for it.


This game looks amazing! It is really fun to play and it is very addicting as well! Congratulations! :partying_face:
I have been hooked for the last half an hour already… I am glad there were little helpers walking around to assist me! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Any plans on releasing this game on iOS and Android? Just like @selimanac said, I think this has great potential for mobile devices.


Nice game! It’s really fun!

We’re currently putting together a showreel for Defold games released in 2022. It would be great to include Monkey Mart in the showreel. In order to include it we need a video with 20 seconds or so of gameplay. The game name and developer/publisher will be shown bottom left or right in the video.

Is this anything you could help us with? You can share the video with me (


of course, we’ve mentioned it in the first post:


Thanks a lot! of course, we will send by email.

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Well done! It looks really polished and fun! I’ll give it a spin :clap:


Oops, sorry! Missed that part. I’m looking forward to it! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Great game! Loved the animations! :heart_eyes:


Amazing work, congrats!
Rooting for this game to be a hit and grow Defold’s popularity!


Love this! really cute and charming

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Awesome game!!! Congratulations!!! :fire:

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Congrats on such a great game. Simple addicting game loop with a nice art style to go along with it.


Hello great game love it. Just beat it 100%. Any idea when the next update will be for maps. Thanks and again great game.


The game is fantastic! My wife beat both levels to 100% and she wants more :open_mouth: Fun fact - she doesn’t like an idea of a manager because she likes to run around the store and wake up employees herself :sweat_smile:


Congrats on the game! I want to play your game on android
I found it on google play

But I can not play it, is this a real game export to android or just a browser link inside apk?

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Phew, we didn’t expect that someone would start uploading stolen games so quickly… Someone wrapped our game into apk and uploaded to market. I need to contact google support.


:angry: What?! Now that is nasty - yes, go after this person! And it is a really great game you made there. :clap: