Mobile Games

Hi everyone,

I have little experience in making games. All of my games made before are half finished, it always lacks in polishing, good ideas and working monetization.

Some of them I made couple of years ago with GMS are stil somewhere to find and generated a bit of money. Just look at those two gems :smiley:

I learned Defold just after and already created kind of clone of Dots & Co. … which is closed source due to assets I bought to make an Halloween flavored game. I simply never released it.

So, that was my story and somehow the reason I want to teamup with someone interested in small, easy games for mobile stores. Nothing to develop over years, just something to start with.

I always dreamed about making own games similar to good old classics like Drug Wars and Space Trader, or Kairosoft simulation games. But would also start with any games to gather real experience about finishing projects, soft and global lauch, monetization, marketing and such things.

Is anyone interessted enough to think about collaboration?

Are you looking for another developer, an artist or a game designer?

I hope you find someone willing to team up! Also post this on Discord for even more visibility!

Another opportunity is to search for someone to collaborate with during a game jam as a first test and get to know each other. There’s probably going to be another Defold game jam after the summer vacation so that might be a good opportunity?

Hi britzl,

I think I am looking for any person :slight_smile:

Another developer would be great to share knowledge about Defold, to progess quicker with game features and some more platform specific integrations like video ads and so on.

An artist is also great to separate things. I am artist too and drawing GUI and other things is very time consuming.

A game designer is always a good match. It takes as much time as programming to write it down what about is the game itself, which achievements it can have, and what attributes have all the items.