Me, My Robot, and I (GMTK Game Jam)


Hey, I made a game called Me, My Robot, and I for the GMTK game jam using Defold. I’d appreciate some feedback on the game, so let me know what you think!

I’m also new to the forum so I’ll do a quick introduction. Recently, I found myself with much more free time, so I decided to learn programming. I started with LOVE2D and made a small game in order to get a grasp on coding. After a while, I tried out unity and godot, but, in my opinion, they were unintuitive. Finally, I tested out Defold and really enjoyed it, so here I am.



this is great and there are some great design features that show how hard you’ve worked (robot has a large flat head to facilitate jumping, human radius is clearly illustrated, the levels are simple enough to let the unique control system shine, and the narrative works well). Well done! Also i found the robot sexy.



Welcome! And congrats on making a fun little game!