Marginalia hero — medieval one tap game


Without pointing any fingers at myself, there are such people around who haven’t finished a single game yet and wouldn’t think of calling themselves developer, novice or not. I’m sure not only someone like that would find a lot of interest in your devlog =P


Ultimately, it’s up to Bengan – but I’ll talk to her and see what we can do :slight_smile:


Good many features, polished effects , interesting game-play and art style… I am kind of in awe :smiley:
One of the nicest “first games” I’ve seen. Great work!


Congrats on a great game with awesome artstyle!! Really enjoy it :slight_smile:


Congrats on the game and WOW the art style! Really amazing stuff.


Solid game, well done! :slight_smile: Really like the artwork!


Lately i’ve released an update! :hushed:

  • added win and demise animations
  • added enemies’ eyes animations
  • changed levels difficulty
  • collected achievements (with available reward) are shown in the beginning
  • fixed Watch’s and Metal plates’ behavior
  • added a possibility to get some charms and pets for watching ads
  • added a possibility to leave the main menu by touching a blank space (not only the button “Play”/“Replay”)
  • fixed a daily gift appearing
  • added a possibility to change a current soundtrack by turning the music off and on in the main menu

Also i’ve created a demo version with 40 levels (out of 200). I’ve tried to make its weight as small as possible, so now it’s 13mb, while a full version is 40mb. :hushed:

13mb HTML5 demo is here:


I find it much more fun with end level animations. I don’t get the charms though :wink:

IIRC that is your first ever shipped game, right?


Glad to hear it! :grinning:

Yup, you’re right.


Great! Now we can admire the graphics after a combat :smiley: Very cool, that you left the idea not to support the game :wink:


Very nice work !Love the graphics and music and the simple gameplay . I do agree with the feedback I read in other comments, having to constantly stare at the circle makes it hard to appreciate the game’s beauty.

Once again, amazing work !


Really beautiful game, amazed that it’s your very first one!
I got some feedback as well, first and most importantly is that accurate hits should be made more clear. Now I only know if I scored accurate hits if I get coins and other times it feels like it’s accurate but there’s no way of telling so some kind of clear visual distinction for accurate hits would be nice.

Secondly, it took me quite a while to figure out I could go to the store to see what the different charms do and I was just activating all of them, guessing what they do. Maybe think of adding a bit more explanation of charms in the tutorial.

Again, very impressed by the quality. Looking forward to see more from you!


If a new launcher image is happening any time soon I’d vote this game be included in it!


I don’t disagree! The current one was added quite recently though, so we’ll wait for a few more great-looking games to appear before we update it again.


Is there a newer one than this one? “Project Pew Pew” should be changed to its real name now at least!


There’s also the video that plays on the background of


Nope, that’s the newest one, You’re right, the name should definitely be changed—thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:


I got it! Thanks for the valuable feedback :heart:


Hello, just reviewed your game at the Playstore by the crescent moon games brand, really great projects Overall.

Coming back at this:

Difficulty seems great for me, reached lvl 32 in about 20 mins, using the noobie stick weapon and no charms overall, dying around 15 - 20 times.

I feel like the pacing of the gameplay is really important, however in order to improve the appreciation of the battle scenes i would consider this medium changes keeping the fast pace of the gameplay overall:

  • Every time the players hits the “red target”, make the soldier charge its attack instead of attacking.
    -After a single or several fails or until a capped amount of targets passed by at the blue circle, the soldier then release his massive attack and also receive or dodge the enemy attack, this will let us fully enjoy the action (the foe’s HP will need to be recorded and the player HP must vary as well in order to receive a hit and stay alive)(dodge depending on the results (target hits and missed)) (a critical strike animation with some kind of aura will be so epic after achieving the perfect X “target” hits and will justify a one hit kill to any foe)
  • In order to maintain the difficult challenge you could buff exponentially the HP of every foe.

I know it’ll be some work, but for now that would be my grain of sand.

Finally about monetization i would include something like "You have received a royal message, pay the “tithes” to the crown to receive it - and in order to read it you must view an AD. This could lead to special tournament invitations tickets, or comedy messages sent from a dark knight who hates you, etc.

I see potential in your project, and your niche is quite unique. Keep it up!


Wow! Thanks for a good idea!
Its really worth to think about it. I’ll try :wink:
Thank you for your feedback!