Making Small Bite-Sized Mobile Games with Defold


Hi all!

I’d like to show (and hopefully get some initial downloads and feedback going :wink:) of some small bite-sized mobile games that I have made with Defold.

The first one is Flappy Basketball Dunk. It is a fusion of flappy bird and basketball.

It does need a few more(planned) updates, such as music and sound, and high score. If it starts getting good traction, I’ll probably update with more content that can be unlocked, such as ball varieties and also more backgrounds/locations.

Get it from the Google Play store:




Insanly hard! :stuck_out_tongue:

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My brother tried it, and he too said it was hard. I told him he wasn’t good enough… :yum:

But really, thank you for trying it and for the feedback.

Now that you’re the fourth person telling me it’s hard, I’m wondering if I should make it easier or let the difficulty be it’s “feature”… hmm…

Time to think, think, think…



I got 6 points :grinning:

The difficulty is indeed hard but that’s the nature of these types of games - and with practice you can get a lot better. I’d leave it as it is - you’ll always get people saying “too hard” because they’ve played for 30 seconds and not been rewarded. This type of game is not for them.

The adverts are quite jarring though - fullscreen, noisy and unskippable. Maybe there’s a way to tone that side of things down a bit?

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Thank you for the feedback. Very much appreciated!

Yeah, when I started making the game, the intention was to make a difficult game. When Flappy bird came out, it became popular because of how hard it was.

Maybe I could have a “zen” mode where you can play without timer. This should cater to those who just want a relaxing experience or for kids. Just maybe.

As for the ads, they actually are skippable, but the skip button comes in after 5 seconds. I’ll change the settings in Unity to allow skipping immediately.

Again, thank you for the feedback :grin::+1:



Agree with @benjames171. It suppose to be hard. That the reason flappy birds become so popular (together with some other factors I guess)



I’ll leave it as hard for now. Thank you for the feedback and opinions.



And yeah, either work with the ads and work with the UX experience how serving them, or just remove them for now untill you see if the game it self is good enough and many people play it and share it. Now it will just drive users away from it. No one likes ads, so takes a lot of effort to make a good experience with a free to play game. //bitter old man



Love the feedback, and action taken. Ads are disabled for all new Defold games that I’ve published. Will integrate as rewarded/opt-in ads instead soon.

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Also, since this thread has gotten a bump, I might as well share links to the other small Defold games that I have recently published (ads disabled too):

1 - Football Juggle
Tap below or on the bottom half of the ball to get the ball to bounce up. Keep it up as long as you can.

2 - Tennis 2019
This game was “inspired” by Google’s doodle game that was available during the Wimbledon open recently. A pong based game where the enemy never losses, its just how long you can return the ball back.

3 - Speed Racer
Old school arcade style game, drive and avoid traffic as long as you can.



I am really loving Speed Racer. :heart:



:grin: really loving bit rider too.!

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