Making my game Innett in only a month of using defold

It’s alive, it’s alive

Hi Defold bros and gals, I recently join the Defolds family barely a month ago and it’s was a struggle, a new engine, a new workflow, a new programming language (when will the struggles ever end)

I believed it will take months if not years to master, but I believed it was worth it because of what Defold was offering a lightweight game engine to make lightweight games which was very important to me

but it turns out all those struggles were all in my head because even though the Defolds concept was strange to me it was very intuitive and made a lot of sense ( my favorite have to be the messaging system oh my, I have been making games the wrong way all these years),

after a week in defold I said to myself you are ready to make a game now (I was like that makes no sense who makes a game after a week of reading a well documented docs filled with tutorials, APIs, examples and an amazing and ready to help forum?)

Well It’s turned out i was, soo I did

Finish-ish a game In just a month of Defolding

And I named it (because I you know can) Innett
Of course I’m still very very new to defold so I just want to show that in less than a month in defold you can

grab the major concepts
Work the editor
Learn Lua( at least to making a game level)
Work the GUI
Work with particles

And make something like this

Or maybe even better I only went with this idea because I like playing with balls (ok…:flushed: that sounds weird but I will allow it)
and the hardest part was just starting (like an artist with a blank white sheet of paper)

So yeah do check it out I still will like to improve on it so any critic will be noted and worked upon the game

is not live yet so only the community can help test it

Yeah and happy Defolding :grin: ( I’ve always wanted to say that)


I too was thrilled to find defold. Such a good engine and for me…it works like I think so I was a duck in water for the most part. I made a game in 1 week but took 2 more weeks to get the polish on it as the polish is where me and defold don’t think a like. LOL.

Your game works. I hit a couple goals after I figured out what marker I was supposed to watch for.

I just went back thinking the game was overly simple and had to be more to it. I see I need to click the >> to get to the next level. Maybe rework that to be more obvious. LIke why have a reset when I made the goal. Just give me next level.


Ok, I’m enjoying this more now :-).

I see the levels give you different challenges and the ball doesn’t reset every time. Maybe some more detailed directions explaining when the ball resets or how many kicks you get.

set a max # of tries for each level if you go above it…it resets.

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@schlista thanks for checking out my game, I played yours too and I really liked it (one word addictive) but I couldn’t make any pumpkin tho😥

Yeah true I will work on it

I do add max number of ball as the level progress I believe around level 21

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Lol yeah true

A fun and well made game. I like it! Here’s one bit of feedback: Why does aiming start at the left if most of the time you kick right to progress? It wastes a lot of time just waiting for the arrow thing to move. I would suggest to start from “up” position and move clockwise as it does now. But overall, impressive stuff for a first game with a new engine!

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@BroMandarin thanks for checking out the game and very valid feedback, now you’ve said it, it’s seems so obvious, I will implement that right away

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Hi, nice graphic. I like it.
Just a small bug report: when I press esc on the stage selection screen (main menu), the screen goes blank (pressing esc again brings up the pause menu, so I can get back into the game).

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bugs :angry:

Nice find @slotet and Thanks a lot, It’s will be fixed in my next update

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Congrats for this very nice game!!!
I have problem with button text reading on mobile…i think you use a bigger font size on buttons!!

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@Csaba_Nagy Thanks a lot for checking out my game and i really appreciate your feedback

Yeah you are right the text do appear almost unreadable, I will take the web mobile graphics side of the game more seriously now