Making my first defold game: Blocks Fevrio!

Hey everyone!

I am excited to finally release my first game made in Defold!

It’s a classic block puzzle game to test out my cross-platform pipeline. I hope this post can encourage more people to use defold and see how lightweight and cross-platform defold is.

Coming from a Unity background, Defold feels much more lightweight. It has some idiosyncrasies, but once I got used to lua and the defold way of doing things, everything felt super satisfying because of how performant they are.

Though this may seem like a simple game, piece selection is actually surprisingly tricky. Initially I used a random algorithm for selecting pieces each round. The game wasn’t satisfying at all and you would lose very easily. I spent a few days writing a smarter algorithm for selecting pieces, but found out that it wasn’t fast enough. After rewriting the entire algorithm in C, I was able to reduce the time to generate pieces each round from 500ms to 5ms!!! That was a really magical moment to me, and I think Defold truly achieved a great balance between ease of use and performance.

On the down side, I struggled with GUI in particular, because I want my games to be able to adapt to any screen resolutions. It felt weird not having a full-fledged layout system, but thankfully there were a lot of useful extensions available.

Extensions used (Thank you! :heart:)

What’s next:

  • Mobile release
  • Localization support
  • See how fast I can develop a second game using the same pipeline

Special thanks to the defold team for making this amazing engine! :partying_face:


Congratulations on the new game release! It’s fun and well-made. I’m really enjoying playing it!


Bravo! I like it, very peaceful music and sounds with simple and clear gameplay.

I noticed that the Restart button has a gear icon, maybe it would be better to try to put the start and restart icons there :+1:


Fun game! Congrats!


This is a very nice, fun and pretty game - :clap: Maybe give the players a bit more time to think about their move before the hint appears.


It’s nice to play, nothing annoying.

A technically cool pattern, it would be nice to add goals for the player to progress through the levels.


Well done! Thank you for sharing!

This extension is by @Pkeod and collaborators, not by me (although I think I’ve contributed some code).


I’m glad that you like it!

Oops, can’t believe I didn’t catch that haha. It will be fixed soon, thanks!

Thank you!

That’s a good point. I will give that a try :slight_smile:

I like this idea. It will probably take some time to get ready though.

Thanks! I corrected the credits


This is great! The intro was paced perfectly to show the mechanic. Good design. I liked the music. Very relaxing feel to the game. It would play perfect on mobile.

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Brilliant game! So simple, but really challenging.

Are you planning to add any meta or progression?

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Thanks! A full mobile app is also on the way!

I’m glad you like it! Levels are planned :slight_smile:


This game is incredibly well done. I love the peaceful atmosphere and addictive gameplay. Best of luck, thanks for building this masterpiece! -Storm

Been a bit since I’ve been on the forums but I just noticed this post and played the game for a while. Just wanted say that this is a very well done and polished game for being your first Defold project. Congrats again on your release!

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Gread game!
few questions :

  1. from all those extensions you published what helped you with the screen resolution ?
  2. your C extension how did you added to the defold engine ?
  3. when is the mobile version is out ?