Making music on the go - with just two thumbs

Thanks to Defold, my dream of putting a musical instrument in the hands of as many people as possible is approaching its version 2.0

I started developing this for the iPhone and released 1.0 way back in 2009. Really grateful that it was picked up by singer/songwriter Gary Go who toured with it.

Youtube video of Gary Go playing one of his songs with it

After more than a decade, the next version is about to be released!


Amazing work! Hope you’ll share more details on it, waiting to hear how 2.0 sounds! :blush:


Nice to see more people finding different uses for Defold!


Defold is amazing as an engine for a live musical instrument, since such an engine must have extremely low latency for input and audio. Even a non-musician can tell when there are milliseconds of delay between trigger and sound produced.

Defold is doing an amazing job with responsiveness, and also audio overlaps and decays without artefacts and unnatural clips.


This is amazing! I’m curious if you tried also other engines and could compare? :thinking:

I’ve definitely used other engines along the way, always looking for that sweet spot for engine efficiency and ease for rapid development.

As early as GameSalad in 2010, to even going back to my DOS roots with TP7, Love2d and Lovedos (which I am still using for some prototypes), Fenix, SmileBasic (Switch), FUZE (Switch) to name some.

In fact, want to see the DOS one? I just got it running on the web for nostalgic sake. :slight_smile:


Here’s a Love2d prototype, running on web with love.js

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