Make a progress bar in Defold

Hey !!!
I made a project that shows 3 ways to make a progress bar.
In this project, there will be three different approaches :

The player life bar (file: progress_box). Will allow to see how to make a progress bar without image just with the GUI boxes and change the colour of the progress bar according to the player’s life.

image life

  • The loading bar (file: progress_image). Will allow to see how to make a progress bar with an image (using the clipping mode).

image loading

  • The progress bar (file: progress_marker). Will allow to see how to put markers, according to the objectives of the player.

image progress

This project is far from perfect, but it helps to understand how to make a progress bar for beginners. If you notice any mistakes or other issues, please let me know so that I can modify it.

This project :


This is great! Thank you for sharing!


Thank you, I didn’t see any help to do it on defold and since I have no money this is my only way to thank you for this amazing engine. :grin: