Main Collection not showing up in defold editor

My main collection is not showing up in the Defold editor, I don’t know what has caused this issue. I have opened other projects and it seems to work. when I run my project it runs perfectly fine just in the editing mode. i have added a screenshot to show what I mean.

however other collections still show up.

Thank you for any help,
Your local dum dum

Looks like it might be way zoomed out. Try zooming in (mouse wheel up) ?

Thanks for the reply, ye I tried that. I also set the scale up and nothing.

Yes, what @benjames171 said.
You see the x-axis showing 500 million?!

One of your items gets a huge bounding volume, and you probably want to have a look at that resource.

Edit: Also, I just want to remind of the “F” key bind that zooms (“frames”) into the currently selected object, which is also handy.

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There is a reason why my name is dum dum. thank you for the help. im just being stupid