#MadeWithDefold Jam 2022


It’s a high time for a game jam!

Two years passed since the last #MadeWithDefold community game jam, so in 2022 I would like to arrange another community game jam! Let’s rake up!

We have a full support from the Defold Foundation and there will be prizes! :heart_eyes:

The jam rules will be pretty loose, the main restriction is that your entry must be made with Defold (or for Defold, so this is also pretty loose) :defold: There will be no theme restriction (though there will be a theme announced, that might help you come with some ideas) or categorization on what you would like to make using Defold - be it a game, application, some asset or extension! I think though about introducing two kind of entries:

  1. Jam - for a completely new creation made during the jam period
  2. Improvement - for a continuation of your projects (or others open source projects or the Defold itself? :smiley: ) and sharing what was improved during the jam!

The Jam Period will start probably in 3. or 4. week of August or in September and will be a week-long jam with a voting period of one week too. Because there will be no theme restriction you will be able to enter other jams, if they will allow so - for this jam only an engine restriction is vital :wink:
Now on to the surprises!

We will have a support from Arcweave!
The best game that will use Arcweave - an amazing tool for interactive dialogues and narrative (for example with my DefArc!) will win an award!


There are also other discussions ongoing and I will share the details asap! :crossed_fingers: :grin:

There are also plans to prepare some videos, tutorials and streams especially for the jam period, so if you are also thinking about such activities - this might be a motivation! For example, I am working on some Defold tutorials right now, so keep your fingers crossed for it to be completed! :sweat_smile:

What do yo think about it?
Let me know if you would like to participate or have any suggestions or proposals! Let’s prove that Defold community is like no other! :wink:


Just in time!


Sounds great! :+1: I think I’ll take part in the jam if it’s in September :cowboy_hat_face:

Just an idea, what if we added a nomination for 3D? So many instruments have been made for 3D this year, It would be great also to see more 3D games :slight_smile:


I like this idea!


Me too! I also started writing the jam page for itch and in fact I encourage people to try 3D and linked all the amazing stuff, like Scene 3D, Operator, Trenchbroom and so on! There is a ton of stuff for 3D today!
However I don’t want to publish it yet, because I’m trying to agree on some things with others :wink:

So do you think about making separate categories for 3D and 2D games?

Some other people mentioned it too, it might be a good idea, after all August is still a vacation period for many and this might collide with some plans :wink: Let’s do it in September then!

For now I was thinking about such criteria, let me know, what do you think guys :wink:


I personally prefer to see less criteria since I’m lazy like that I’m less inclined to bother voting, the less decisions to make the better IMO.
I like GMTK jams 3 criteria, since it covers all of the bases.


I agree with this approach. It’s easy to overthink game-jams and put in too many factors. The idea is hopefully to encourage devs to make a game, and putting in too many boundaries can hinder rather than inspire.


Maybe have a poll for voting?

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Best date for the Jam?

  • First week of August
  • Last week of August
  • First week of September
  • Middle of September
  • End of September
  • Even later

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Awesome! I want to join this time, I’ll try to drag @sven with me as well :slight_smile:


Noted in my calendar!!


Let’s do thiiiiiiiiiis!


Glad to see you here again @sven ! :heart:
From the poll above it looks like it is going to happen in the 2. or 3. week of September, keeping my fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


I would love to join. Depending on factors out of my control, I’ll either be mostly done with a public demo of my current project and itching to work on something else for a change or right in the middle of crunch to make the deadline. We’ll see.


The submissions don’t need to be done completely during the jam period, so you can even work on your current project in the period of jam and if you decide to release it, you can submit to the jam for the Improvement category :wink:

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Tempting, but if all goes well there won’t be much visible improvement to be done at that point, more of a cleanup. I might consider picking up one of my many unfinished games again.


Alright then, here we go!